Meet The Team



Donna has worked at GAC since 1981.  She has one dog, Daisy.  She loves riding her 4-wheeler, hunting, and watching good movies.  Her favorite foods include meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and chocolate pie.  She has one son, Cody.


Veterinary Assistant

Sara has worked at GAC since 2009.  She loves pizza, fried chicken, and anything sweet!  She has two cats (Tiger and Grey) and seven dogs (Zeus, Lucy, Hot Stuff, Max, Flo, Miss Piggy, and Kiya).  She enjoys doing crafts and watching reality TV.


Veterinary Assistant

Liz has worked at GAC since 2018.  She loves Mexican food and chocolate cake.  She has one dog (Echo) and four horses (Layla, Savannah, Twister, and Chex).  She loves riding her horses and spending time with Echo!


Veterinary Assistant

Kim has worked at GAC since 2017.  She loves to read and kayak.  She owns three dogs:  Roxy, Bailey, and Rocky.  Her favorite foods are anything Italian and strawberry cheesecake.  She is married to Zach.